Our sevices

If you live in Miami, enjoy our services to get around the city with the greatest convenience, safety and luxury. If you are just passing through knowing the city, we will make this experience as special as possible from your arrival until your farewell. Check out our services below:

Exotic City Tour

Get to know Miami in the best way you can, rent luxury vehicles with or without drivers to stroll around and get to know this incredible city.

  • Our drivers are licensed professionals and speak English Portuguese and Spanish;
  • Our tour guides are prepared to show off all the beauty of Miami;
  • We have various types and car brands available, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce Phantom etc;
  • Transfer of passengers to hotels, airports, meetings, conventions and any type of event such as concerts, concerts, games etc;
  • Ideal ways for you not to worry about traffic or parking;
  • Our services are adapted to the needs of each customer, so our packages are compatible with your budget.


If you can not find the service you need, please contact us by email:
[email protected]


  • Tracking flight: We check 2 flight trackers for the exact time of your arrival the driver is waiting for you;
  • Greeting: We received customers with a sign inside the airport and helped with the bags to the vehicle in the parking lot;
  • We accept all major credit cards.
  • Different rates according to the needs of each client.


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